Ameris Bloomer Is Empowering Women through Its Game-Changing Bra Brand Designed for Petite Men & Women to eliminate the Everyday Bra Challenges

Ameris Bloomer Is Empowering Women through Its Game-Changing Bra Brand Designed for Petite Men & Women to eliminate the Everyday Bra Challenges

Ameris Bloomer, an U.S. innerwear brand, today in a briefing talked about its bra brand especially designed for petite women and men to help eliminate the various bra challenges they face every day. It’s a part of the company’s effort and determination to take the guesswork out of finding a bra that works for individual size and shape.

It’s no news that any slight changes in body weight or hormonal shifts can make even a good bra to start gaping and digging overnight. Ameris Bloomer realized the void in the market for bra options that will eliminate digging or slipping, and that will combine innovation, comfort and flexible fit with each wearer’s ever-changing shape and size.

Using high-quality materials combined with years of experience in the undergarment industry, Ameris Bloomer delivers a high-quality perfect-fit bra that meets the demands of any man or woman, supporting them with the confidence they deserve.

In her statement, Nina Le, the CEO Ameris Bloomer explained that “Creating comfortable, high-quality, undergarments is at the core of what we do. The launch of our bra marks our most innovative offering designed especially with what any petite man and woman want and have in mind. We are so excited to continue listening to women, embracing their struggles, and applying innovation to create the most beautiful solutions, the best comfortable bras.”

As found on its website, Ameris Bloomer bra brand offers flexibility, natural lift, exceptional comfort, and cooling benefits. The bra features a no-dig band and underarm structure for a smooth look and fit. Complementing the Flexi-cup Pad Technology, the inner mesh panel beneath the cups is said to promote breathability and airflow, alleviating overheating while allowing the cup to adjust as the body shifts.

“With our Feel Nothing Collection, you don’t need to look for new size bra whether you gain weight or lose weight. We use special materials that are super stretchy and adjust themselves to the wearer’s body, making one bra to fit two sizes,” said Nina Le.

Other solution-focused features of the Ameris Bloomer bra include no-slip straps crafted with a soft spandex gripper; an adjustable, double layer back strap for a smoother appearance; and soft casing underwire support. The bra brand takes the pressure off bra straps to provide independent support and appropriate lift.

“Our undergarments are tested for non toxic with a safe pH level.  They are certified OK by Intertek or Oeko-tex level 2,” Nina Le adds.

Unlike other bra brands, Ameris Bloomer combines technology and innovation with a focus on delivering high-quality, exceptional bra fit and comfort every petite user can count on. Ameris Bloomer is hoping to change how women shop for bras and overall wearer experience by delivering an option made to fit their unique shape and size. For more information, visit

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